Gueeta Kakar
my cousin and sister. and i can

when mcgonagall was talking to neville about giving him permisson, and she just went:


they both shouted out

First of all

Here I am. :)


Our Poop are Fortunetellers

Unlike hate, Love is like Diarrhea. You can

Did a lot of editing the past few days

It needed to be done.

But I also need to get my shit together to make story backgrounds so I can do some outlining. I can

My Brain hurts!

Taking a mental health day from work, and therefore clicking my life away on the internet. ?

Been playing with the Lenormand cards of late-an oracle deck more popular in Europe than where I am in Kentucky. ?Really fun cards- does anyone else use them?

I need to remember now

that at 12:45 


pThe popularity line in his palm exceeds others as an idolq?He is a reliable, good young man. If he is in a group, he will be its symbol. There is a very clear and beautiful popularity line, and I am sure he will become even more popular than he is now. The person with this line, has a sensitive and considerate personality, and is able to accept otherso feelings obediently. He does not like to fight with others, and is a gentle, considerate person. He will be suitable as an actor too. As an idol, he has a very good line in his palm which is rarely seen. However, he connects his pinkie fingers together (in this picture) which means he has dependent feelings toward other people. If he has more confidence in himself, greater successes can be achieved.


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